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Idea: Free idea seeds for people who need an idea for themselves


We have a ton of interest in our event but our survey’s are showing that we don’t have as many ideas for this so we have partnered with Bellevue College students to pick their brain and plan some idea seeds for our event this year! If you want to share your great idea and plan an “idea seed” please reach out to us and we will offer it to the community. We can do this from “anonymous” or you can take credit so please let us know which way you want to go with this. Our first shared idea:

The Perfect School Uniform:

Stain-free, self-cleaning clothing for schools

Who can take this idea and create a new uniform for private and charter schools? Let’s see what other people are doing and you can get some support at SWB this year to make this idea come to life in the form of a new business! Intelligent Clothing- Shirt that cleans itself, removes odor and takes away the need to have to show off you have the latest gear http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2014/01/stain-free-self-cleaning-clothing-on-horizon Shoes that inspire you to reach goals http://www.talk2myshirt.com/blog/archives/484 Watch for daily activity tracking https://www.apple.com/watch/ Anti Glasshole classroom analytics gear http://www.techradar.com/us/news/portable-devices/other-devices/google-glass-competitors-what-are-they-and-how-do-they-compare–1207929 Data for everthing gear- http://bionicly.com/2014/04/forget-the-iwatch-10-examples-of-next-generation-body-sensors/

Would you wear this if it could save your life?

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